F**k Them Sugar Beets - Tattoo Inspired Clear Backing Sticker

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You know, I'm not sure exactly what possessed me to even list this, but here we go. Maybe all you sugar beet farmers out there can relate. Today we are bringing you another famous Les-ism: F**k them sugar beets. This sticker is inspired by a "rap" that my dad did exactly once, that my family has never forgotten. For fathers day last year my brother and I made fake tattoos (hence the tattoo inspiration of the sticker) and send dad pictures to try and get him riled up. I'm not sure he exactly believed it, but these are too fun to pass up as stickers! Of course made with clear backing to give a real tattoo effect on whatever you put these on! These stickers are 3" x 1.5" and made of a high quality, waterproof, scratch and UV resistant vinyl. Perfect for lunch boxes, farm equipment, and hard hats!