Roxie Die Cut Sticker - Fundraiser

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FUNDRAISER: MDC will be donating all profits from the sale of this design to the National Network of Abortion funds. We have 3 options available in two different sizes, or we also have a CUSTOMIZE option (keep reading!)

CUSTOMIZE OPTION: For an extra fee (Again, all profits donated to National Network of Abortion Funds), you can customize your Roxie's hair, skin, and eye color. This custom option comes with 10 custom stickers! The color choices are noted by Number in the photos, please include a note of which number you'd like for which option. *Note*- this option takes approximately 11 days to process. 

Stickers are 2" x 1.73" or 3" x 2.6" and are waterproof and UV and scratch resistant. Perfect for hard hats, water bottles, cars, laptops, notebooks, and more!